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Facial Recognition

One’s face is his/her identity it is as unique as a fingerprint not duplicated, not even in identical twins. There are subtle differences in each face that an algorithmic system can map and use in many different ways. In reality, the sky is the limit for what facial recognition can do with imagination and know how.

In TechnoWay, we used our imagination and know how to come up with two solutions that can help industries like the banking, telecommunications and others.

The first solution being a facial recognition payment, linking a facial map with a tokenised card number or an account number.

The second being an Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) solution, where banks can open accounts and do transactions using an algebraic facial map as an identity verifier. This solution can robotise the issuing of SIM cards through a kiosk or a dispensing device.

The third is designed for the retail industry where a retailer or a group of retailers can use the facial map for customer loyalty programs eliminating the need for a physical card and speeding up he process allowing the customer service employee to serve the customer faster and more efficiently.

Facial Recognition: Our Technology
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